Isecure is renowned for its reliable Registered Agent Service, catering to a diverse clientele worldwide. Leveraging our cutting-edge Entity Management System and Entity Watch® technology, we simplify the organization of your business entity online. From managing due dates and storing company documents to consolidating expenses, we streamline every aspect of your operations.

Additionally, we offer a personalized touch, providing availability via phone or live chat during our regular business hours. At Isecure, we firmly believe that your success is our success.

Reasons to Have a Registered Agent

A registered agent is mandatory when registering a new Corporation or LLC. It’s crucial to choose a dependable company for this role. Neglecting to appoint and uphold a registered agent can adversely impact your company’s legal standing within the state, leading to avoidable expenses. The designated individual or entity must have a physical street address within the state and be available during standard business hours. A mailbox service or P.O. Box is insufficient for fulfilling the registered agent role.

How a Registered Agent Service Benefits Your Business

  1. Legal Notifications : A registered agent ensures that you receive important annual filing notices and other legal notifications promptly and in compliance with regulations. By handling these notices correctly, you minimize the risk of important mail being misplaced or overlooked.

  2. Flexibility : With a registered agent, you don’t need to maintain a physical business location or specific hours. They ensure compliance by being available during regular business hours to receive legal notices. Additionally, if your business address changes in the future, you won’t need to update your information with the state.

  3. Privacy : Using a registered agent helps safeguard the privacy of your home address. If you opt to use your home address as your registered agent, this information remains private instead of being listed in public directories.

  4. Prevention of Corporate Identity Theft : Our innovative technology integrates with state databases, providing real-time updates on your entity’s status, including filing status, current registered agent, officers, and directors. This helps prevent corporate identity theft and ensures you stay informed about your business’s standing.

  5. Organization : Access and manage all your state business filings, corporate documents, and statuses conveniently through our comprehensive client website at no extra cost. Our Entity Management System (EMS) enables you to track compliance events, store corporate documents securely, manage forwarded mail, pay invoices, and order additional services—all in one place.

  6. Expense Consolidation : For multi-state companies, receive a consolidated bill for all your business entities in each state, simplifying your financial management.

  7. Cost Savings : Benefit from top-tier service at competitive rates. Our standard fee for registered agent services is among the lowest in the industry, and you can save even more with multi-year service options.

  8. Prompt Support and Service : Enjoy expedited business document filing service for most states, ensuring fast processing. Receive real-time notifications of all service of process and expedited delivery within 24 hours via Express Mail, fax, or email.